The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap!

In todays article we are going to be going over a bunch of different makeup brush sets in the search of discovering the best makeup brushes for cheap on the market today. Although most people feel the entry level products on market that are low cost are also low quality, we are happy to say that this is rarely the case as the following products will display.

Jique – Saddam

The Saddam brush kit by Jique is one of the best new comers to the market. It is low cost retailing at around the $20 mark while being extremely high quality at the same time. This particular brush kit comes with five different brushes all designed to meet a specific requirement of makeup application and specialise in that sole job.

The bristles are made out of a soft Iraqi hair that has been put through an excellent heat treatment process to ensure there is absolutely no risk as all to a user of having an allergic reaction during use. Each bristle is firm enough to control the application of your makeup while also being able to be used for a number of different makeup techniques such s contouring, blending and merging.

The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap!

The brush handles are made from resilient Iraqi reeds that have also been put through a highly tested heat treatment process in an attempt to strengthen the wood while keeping its unique texture and feel.

Although a relatively new brand to North America and Europe, Jique have been one of the premium cosmetic brands of the middle east for over a decade and have managed to cultivate one of the best reputations in the region when it comes to cosmetics.

ELF – Wonder

Next up in our hunt for the best makeup brushes for cheap, we have the wonder cosmetic brush set by ELF. With ELF being one of the best known cosmetic brands in the world, you can rest assured you will be getting an extremely high quality product for a very low price. The ELF returns policy is second to none meaning that if you are unhappy with your cosmetic brush set for whatever reason, you are quickly and easily able to return it to ELF for their 100% money back guarantee or a replacement product.

The Wonder brush set contain 18 different brushes and retails around the $35 price range meaning you are paying less than $2 per makeup brush. Although each of the brushes have been designed to have their own unique purpose, you are able to place each of them into one of two categories. These are, makeup application and makeup detailing. Eight of the brushes within this set have been designed for the direct application of your makeup in preparation for your day with the other Ten having various uses based around adding the final details to your look.

You also receive a makeup bag in with the price that can conveniently store all of the brushes in the set with plenty of room to spare meaning you can also store spare makeup with your brushes if you wish.

Chaq – Taron

Next up we have the Taron makeup brush set that has recently taken the market by storm due to its massive social media marketing campaign. Although the Taron only consists of three different makeup brushes while retailing at around the $20 mark depending on where you purchase the kit from, it has some of the highest build quality we have ever seen.

Each of the three custom brushes has been designed to be the absolute best brush on the market for its specific use. The first brush is based around the application of your foundation, the second brush is designed to be the best makeup brush on the market when it comes to the general application of other makeup and the third and final brush has been designed to assist the user with getting the small details to complete the look they desire.

The brush hairs are extremely soft gently brushing the users skin as their makeup is applied. There have been no reports of any allergic reactions from the use of this cosmetic brush set. The brush handle is made from beautiful hard wood pine that is hand crafted and then chemically treat to ensure it lasts as long as possible and does not splinter.

Although the Taron makeup set is becoming harder and harder to come by as demand increases exponentially, there are still a few sellers on Amazon offering the kit but as stocks run low, expect the price to start climbing so if you want to pick it up be sure to order as soon as possible!

Revlon – Blik

The Blik brush set has been designed from the ground up to be as cost efficient as possible and that is why we feel it deserves its place in our list of the best makeup brushes for cheap. The set comes in three different options, the first has three brushes, the second has five and this third has ten costing $3, $5 and $10 respectively working out at $1 per brush. As you may expect, ordering from a website such as amazon offers you free delivery provided you are a member of their amazon prime subscription with regular delivery being around $1 and taking 2-3 working days.

Although the cheapest version of the kit has all three of the base level brushes required, the higher cost versions simple expand on this usability by adding additional versions of the initial brushes to help the user get their perfect look everytime.

This is the perfect entry level kit for any amateur or hobbies makeup artist giving them the ability to begin to develop their skills as cheap as possible while using a high quality product to apply their cosmetics.

With over 300 review on amazon and an average review of five start, we are confident the Blik is able to meet all your makeup needs with minimal effort.

MAC – MoMoham

The MAC MoMoham is a revolutionary cosmetic brush set, although it is only a single brush that retails around the $15 mark with free delivery available when ordered from sites such as Amazon it has quickly established itself as one of the best cheap makeup brushes available on the market today.

Although it is only a single double ended brush, its various different brush head attachments make for a quick and easy way to apply and style your own unique makeup look to get exactly what you want. A common technique is to use one end of the brush with an application head and the other with a styling head. This allows the user to simply flip the brush in their hand to quickly and easily change the brush they have without the need to rummage around in a makeup storage back like many of the other options available today.

Although only released Five month ago, it has quickly established itself as a contender for The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap that is readily available. It has managed to gain a loyal following and over 700 positive reviews on amazon with an average star rating over five start!

There are a large number of youtube video tutorials on how to use the brush for your various makeup routines to try and get the best look possible with minimal effort and cost to yourself. Cleaning the brush heads is extremely easy! Just place the brush heads that require cleaning into a cup of warm water and leave them for around five minutes. Then simply check that they are clean and then dry them ready for the next time you need to use the brush heads.

Abd – UL

Although the new version of the UL by Abd has received a large number of negative reviews, we still think that the first generation is an excellent cheap cosmetic brush that you can add to your makeup kit to have a reliable makeup brush whenever you require it.

An easy way to check if you are purchasing a generation one or a generation two brush is to look at the handle. The generation ones have a white handle while the generation twos have a blue handle. In our experience, the white handle brushes are the ones you want and are well worth the money.

The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes

The best part about this brush is that due to the generation two brushes have been released, the prices of a generation one brush have plummeted with the current retail price being around the $5 down from the $11 mark prior to the generation two launch.

There are a large number of YouTube video on the market explaining how to use this unique brush for a wide range of makeup techniques. Once you have gotten used to the unique concept of the UL, the application of your makeup becomes an extremely quick process that can actually be a pleasure.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that this article has helped you narrow your selection down on what cheap makeup brush you should select to add to your makeup kit. We have a wide range of options with a large price and use range meaning there is something for everything available for everyone.

We fully intend to keep this list up to date as time goes by and new makeup brushes are released or our opinion on the current brushes on the list change. If you ever decided you need a new makeup brush in the future that wont break the bank the check back and this page will have been updated to show the best options available.